19 Dec 2014 - Severe Weather Procedures 2014/2015


We would like to remind you of our severe weather procedures, in  case the weather takes a turn for the worst as the forecasters are predicting. In the event of heavy snow preventing our staff from being able to safely travel to school the Headteacher and governing body would have to make a decision to close the school. Ten of our class teachers, as well as our Head and Deputy, live outside Brightlingsea and have to drive to work. Clearly if these staff are unable to get to school there would not be enough adults in school to safely supervise your children. Whenever possible a joint decision would be made with Brightlingsea Infant School. A decision would be made as early as possible in the morning.


Some radio stations have advised that they will no longer be able to list school closures on their     websites, however ECC have introduced a new online notification system to keep parents informed. This is the best place for parents and guardians to access information as it will provide a definitive list of any closures. We hope radio stations will also continue to support us by announcing closures on air and on their websites but, as we have no control over this content, the new council webpage should be considered the first port of call. Notification of a school closure will  be added to a live feed on the emergency school closures page on the council’s website :




The page will refresh at 6pm each evening and closure lists for the next day will then go live.

In addition to this new ECC website system we will continue to also take the following action to keep parents informed of any closure in the event of severe weather:


  • We will post a closure message on the News page of our school website www.brightlingseajuniors.ik.org
  • We will endeavour to use our SchoolComms service to personally text parents to let you know of school closures but parents should not rely on this method, as in previous years when many schools closed due to snow the Parentmail system we were using could not cope with the demand and failed to deliver the messages we sent!
  • Signs will be placed at the school gates to inform parents and  pupils that had missed the  website bulletins.
  • Our Site Manager will update the school answer machine with a school closure message.


There would be a limited number of staff in our school (who live within reasonable  walking distance) but not enough staff to safely supervise pupils in the school for that day. Please try to avoid phoning the school if at all possible so that the lines can remain free for outgoing calls e.g to parents to collect children that have arrived at school.


The same procedures would apply if we have to close early, during the school day, due to worsening weather conditions. We would update the Essex County Council (ECC) website and use our        SchoolComms system to text parents. All children will be kept at school until an adult arrives to collect them.


In the unlikely event of the school ever having to be temporarily closed at short notice for any  other reason, e.g: burst pipes, lack of heating or closure of the road into Brightlingsea etc, the same        procedures would apply. Once again an early decision would be taken whenever possible,  texts would be sent to parents,  a closure notice placed on the ECC website and our school website and notices would be placed at the school gates.


A copy of these procedures can be downloaded below.

Severe_Weather_Procedures_2014.pub (Size:0.14MB)