23 Jan 2015 - Read for my school: On-line Reading Competition


Read for my school: On-line Reading Competition with access to over 150 free children’s books


Brightlingsea Junior School will be taking part in a national reading competition called Read for My School, which is open to all children in years 3 – 8 from 19th January to March 2015.


The competition website www.readformyschool.co.uk is hosting a free online library of over 150 books by top children’s authors. If they participate then your child will be able to read those books online wherever they have internet access. These can be read on most tablets. Children can of course also choose to read books in print or that are not part of the online library – the goal is simply to read as much as possible this term.


There will be prize draws for individual children and whole schools who are doing well. Any encouragement that you can give to your child that supports them as they try to read a little more this term would be invaluable, whatever form it may take.


If your child would like to take part, please follow these steps:


  1. Go to www.readformyschool.co.uk
  1. Select “Sign up as a pupil”
  1. Enter your child’s classroom reading code:  981139
  1. Set up an account with a user name.


Once your child has successfully logged into the website they can take part in the competition. If you need additional support, we encourage you to explore the website as well as the Educator Toolkit section which offers help to guide you and your child through the programme.

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