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Ethos & Values


The ethos and values of Brightlingsea Junior School can be expressed through our School Vision Statement, our Aims and our Core Values (Code of Conduct).



The ‘vision’ encapsulates what we would like our school to be. By working towards making this vision a reality, we hope to prepare children with all the abilities and skills they need to become adults who are thoughtful, confident, healthy, responsible, conscientious, caring members of society who make a positive contribution to the community in which they live.





Our children will be provided with the very best education. They will receive a rich, varied, challenging and inspiring curriculum that will enable every individual to fulfil her or his potential to the highest possible standard.





  1. We really care for the children in our school within a friendly and secure atmosphere. We encourage each child to develop moral and spiritual values, and to become self-disciplined and aware of the needs of others.



  1. We believe that we provide a curriculum that is sufficiently broad, balanced and differentiated to embrace the physical, intellectual and aesthetic needs of pupils and to enable each child to reach their full potential.



  1. We offer children carefully planned, structured and balanced learning within the framework of the National Curriculum and R.E.



  1. We give children equal access to our curriculum irrespective of ability, race or gender and develop their understanding of issues such as other cultures and equal opportunities.



  1. We aim to help each child to develop an awareness of care and concern for themselves and others and an appreciation of the physical environment of the school and the surrounding community.



  1. We encourage our children to have positive attitudes, good behaviour, responsibility and high standards of learning.



  1. We promote effective teaching in all classes through a variety of strategies such as individual, group and class teaching and a willingness to have a flexible approach.



  1. We provide the staff with the opportunity for self-fulfilment and professional development that will enhance the school.



  1. We ensure that all resources are managed effectively.



  1. We encourage the children to develop a sense of belonging to the community of the school and to understand its role within the wider community.



  1. We aim to promote the interest and involvement of parents, governors and others in the life of the school.



Core Values


Our core values are displayed throughout the school as our ‘Code of Conduct’ and reinforced by all staff.



Our Code of Conduct


Take care of Yourself



·         Do anything silly or dangerous

·         Stay in school at break times or leave school without permission


·         Tell someone if you’re unhappy or being picked on


Take Care of Others


·         Do anything to hurt others (such as hitting/name calling)

·         Distract others from working

·         Be cheeky or rude to adults


·         Be friendly to visitors, newcomers and other children


Take Care of your School



·         Steal or deliberately damage school equipment 

·         Drop litter or damage the school building

·         Give the school a bad name



·         Be proud of your school



The Code of Conduct is part of our Home-School Agreement. It is displayed around the school and is simplified to the main headings for younger children.


  1. Take care of yourself
  1. Take care of others
  1. Take care of your school


In addition we strongly promote the importance of good manners and mutual respect in our school and in the community.




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